About US

I have a 28 year long career with being a Controller for over 25 years in multiple industries from Construction to Insurance and retail and have recently decided to go out on my own and bring my experience to smaller clients, I have two others employees I have trained working for me so there will always be sufficient manpower to meet deadlines.

I want to provide full service and Full Quality bookkeeping to my clients with the understanding that they will be getting quality services not a “Wham Bam Thank you Maam” approach that uses the least keystrokes and time to maximize the profits.

I would love the opportunity to make you very happy with our Over Achieving accounting practices – Full Service!! What a concept – No its not a lost art form.

I have personally tried working for another bookkeeping service and handled 20 clients at one time however, I personally had a hard time working for the bookkeeping service because they were too concerned with production and did not want me putting out quality work. They kept calling me an over achiever (and swore they would break me of it) because I believe in detail and audit trails.  I have built a career on cleaning up after bookkeepers and even put a few in jail after discovering theft hidden behind their disorganization and  lack of details (I have provided the forensic accounting to the King County Prosecutor, which successfully put an embezzler in Jail).  I have watched the owner of another bookkeeping Service in a client meeting try their best not to provide services for A/R  or A/P because it took much time and detail. She tried her best to suggest to the client  they do most of the work themselves. All she wanted to do was use the bank statement to make entries directly into the register not going through Accounts Payable or Accounts Receivable and just do one lump sum entry for sales and any differences were just written off to Cash Over Short, with no regard for why it was off.


Thank you for your consideration, I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Kandis Cummings